AR in Automotive Industry

Augmented reality has the potential to serve both car manufactures and drivers with its extensive practical applications.

Image Courtesy: Allerin

The integration of Augmented reality allows users to self-maintain their car with digital AR manuals and instruction guides.

Automobile manufacturing is also aided by AR as it optimizes the processes of making prototypes and assembling cars. AR also helps auto mechanics to repair vehicles quickly and accurately.

AR car manuals will assist car owners

Image Courtesy: Mercedes, Ask Mercedes app

Mercedes uses Ask Mercedes, an intelligent virtual assistant that supports the loyalty of customers in a playful way. It uses augmented reality and is so far the most user-friendly guide available to drivers. Complicated issues are solved with descriptive videos or audios in the free mobile application. Moreover, it helps car owners learn the auto-capabilities of Mercedes.

Vehicles manufacturing employees also got aid with a similar AR application launched by Hyundai, named Virtual Guide App. It allows easy exploration of the vehicle's features, interior/exterior parts, and short guides to determine mal-functionality in any part of the vehicle.

Digital car showrooms will enrich the purchase experience

Today, rather than paying a visit to a brick-and-mortar showroom, it is enough to install the AR app on your smartphone and make the process immersive.

Image Courtesy: Porsche, Mission E Augmented Reality

In 2018, Porsche launched the “Mission E Augmented Reality” app, which can be used in iOS and Android smartphones for free. Electronic sports cars can easily be viewed with this AR application. It has two modes available in its AR application, the "Explore" mode allows users to explore the concepts and design of the car with 3D visualization, and the "Drive" mode offers users to take a test drive in an immersive environment, which seems pretty exciting.

On the other hand, Honda used augmented reality to enrich the interaction with the car inside the showroom. Honda demonstrated a unique HondaLens project using augmented reality technology at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2017. This is a tour with the help of AR smart glasses, which turns the boring viewing of a car into a memorable experience.

Driver’s safety can be improved with AR

Image Courtesy: Panasonic

A few seconds of distraction can lead to major misery while driving, be it checking a GPS navigator or monitoring the speed of the car. Therefore it is critical to increasing safety by displaying relevant information on the windshield of the driver's field of view.

Panasonic unveiled its vision for future automotive interiors by introducing its 4k Augmented Reality HUD system at CES 2021. Panasonic’s AR HUD system projects 3D and AI-driven key information into the driver’s line of sight to help reduce driver distraction and potentially increase safety on the road.

"In a future with more self-driving vehicles, our AR HUD could provide an important added level of comfort and assurance for AV passengers as well."

-Scott Kirchner, President Panasonic Automotive and executive director, Panasonic Smart Mobility

Now HUDs( heads-up display ) show on the windshield the most in-demand data, such as navigation arrows, distance to the next turn, or speed. This information is the future vision to increase comfort and safety while driving.

Training & Learning Content

Augmented reality also comes in handy to make the training process more efficient, faster, and automated. Using an AR headset, trainees can see the internal components of machines or vehicles and their parts just by looking at them.

For example, Jaguar Land Rover partnered with Bosch and RE’FLECT to develop an AR integrated training app for its employees offering them an easy way to study a car’s components by just pointing an iPad at the central console of the car.

Real-Time Analysis & Display Of Results

A unique and meaningful augmentation of operations is provided by manufacturing businesses, combining AR devices with advanced image recognition technologies, computing power, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, big data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create truly powerful analyzing machines.

While bearing resemblance to regular knowledge supplementation AR instruments, such systems are much more sophisticated from a technological point of view. As an example, they are used to constantly monitor and overlay the real-time temperature of various machines during the maintenance process, collect and analyze vibration data, detect and identify problems with a machine’s operation based on its appearance, operational sound, or other aspects.

Startups Disrupting The Automotive Industry

WayRay: A Swiss AR startup developing a dashboard-mounted device that displays augmented reality turn-by-turn navigation instructions, which allows the driver not to leave their eyes on the road.

Envisics: Envisics uses holographic technology to revolutionize the entire in-car experience. The advancement of Envisics’ technology has the opportunity to greatly impact automotive safety, through the use of holographic Augmented Reality HUDs.

RE’FLEKT: It is a Munich-based startup and an enterprise AR software company. It is changing the way we use technology by augmenting work with AR and MR (mixed reality). Their product Reflekt Remote enables efficient remote customer support with the use of AR.

Summing Up

The major players in the automotive industry have turned to augmented reality as it provides extensive use cases. Moreover, it maintains a competitive edge over others. It is important to understand the scope of Augmented Reality to stay ahead in the competition.


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