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Digital Art & Luxury Commerce

Luxury firms are deeply involved in the art world, sponsoring individual artists or organizing exhibitions. As times change luxury brands are adopting digital art to attract customers.

Gucci's comeback with digital storytelling for the new generation.

Why are luxury firms always so involved in cultural activities? Is it purely philanthropic or are there also commercial benefits?

In fact, it is for both these reasons and more, say bosses of luxury firms and observers of the industry. But either of these–essentially two sides of the same commercially centered idea–actually fulfilling any of art’s core functions? Art is such a powerful tool for good. Art can help to create a sense of community, it can help people find a purpose and a group to share their ideas with. Art helps teenagers understand what they are feeling. It can be therapeutic for people with mental health issues and it can help people from diverse communities find common bonds.

Has the digitalization of brands changed this?

With the coming digital revolution, few luxury brands built the assumption that wealthy consumers would not be disposed to paying premium rates for high-end products over the internet and such high-value transactions are best done in person. The feeling of entering a luxury store with the brand’s own culture decorated with arts needed to be replicated in the digital form. While some were concerned that shoppers of luxury brands would not be able to get personalized service which is impossible to replicate digitally.

However, these days, the rules have changed and those old assumptions have been challenged time and time again. Technology has become indispensable and buying things over the internet, a new lifestyle. This shows that digital is the medium through which luxury brands can expand to occupy a share of the market.

Luxury Brands now focusing on digital art.


As fashion continues to inch towards the digital, the near-unthinkable has happened: a Gucci bag that exists solely online has sold for more than the real product.

A digital rendition of the Gucci Dionysus bag sold for 350,000 Robux (roughly $4,115) on gaming site Roblox. IRL versions of the bag typically retail $3,400.

NFT provides the perfect platform to ensure exclusivity for Luxury houses in the Digital world. The rise of NFT based merchandise has opened up Fashion marketplaces dedicated to virtual fashion with 3D modeling, digital avatars, customized designs, etc. NFTs have opened a secure gateway for Luxury Maisons for product launches and marketing strategies.

Digital collaborations of the iconic British luxury brand, Burberry

"Rather than just wrapping the pattern as a texture around 3D objects we wanted to give the pattern a new life in 3D so we added an extended level of playful materiality, embodying the flat surface."

-WANG & SÖDERSTRÖM, Copenhagen based digital artists (Instagram)

When it comes to top luxury brands, Burberry was the first one to transform digitally. It capitalized on the social media revolution and built a valuable online presence. To elevate Burberry's new look, they are working with different digital artists to create new digital art.

Here’s what one of their artists says-

“I'm trying to break boundaries in graphic design by embracing technology instead of fearing it. I like the idea of creating a bridge between digital crazy stuff and traditional graphic design.”

-Xavier Monney, digital artist (Instagram)

Xavier combines animation and typography to create three-dimensional experiments, often incorporating some form of optical illusion.

Digital is the future of luxury and it is no longer a concept or theory but has acquired a status of required implementation for all creators and houses wishing to deliver luxury directly to the consumer.


The Team:

Shriya Madan, an ardent learner, a digital enthusiast, aspires to make an impact in the real world with the power of technology

Pranjali Apurva, driven by curiosity, converging design principles with digital transformation

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