New Jobs in the Metaverse

The jobs we don't know about yet... Metaverse explodes!

Just as at the beginning of the internet we could not imagine what would be the trades of today, we cannot yet imagine all the trades that the Metaverse will create. Can you imagine in the 90s if you were told about jobs related to the exploitation and analysis of data? Or even jobs related to digital marketing and virtual community management? No one could imagine the jobs that the Internet would create.

However, we are going to try this exercise to try to imagine the jobs that could be created by the Metaverse, the future of the Internet merging the virtual and the real world, powered by Virtual and Augmented Reality. All of this covered with a data management layer, mixed with blockchain and artificial intelligence.

On top of that, more than the current internet professions, given the whole digital and immersive nature of the Metaverse, we will not be able to make the difference between a human worker and an artificial intelligence carrying out activities in the Metaverse. These jobs could just as well be in Fashion, Health & Well-being, Social Activities, Leisure, or even Law Enforcement.

Let's have a quick overview of these jobs in the future.

1. Digital Fashion Designer

Meta jacket model by studio @ RTFKT

Soon we will all be represented by avatars. They will have to wear outfits that they can choose according to our desire, our mood, the situation, or the event in which we are participating.

Just like in real life, fashion will have a place of its own in the Metaverse. And besides, this trend is already taking off. For the moment led by players from the gaming and crypto culture, we will see this profession become more common when traditional brands will position themselves in the sector. This is particularly true for luxury brands for which the Metaverse is formidable leverage for conversion by reaching a younger and tech-savvy clientele.

Also, the appropriation of the Metaverse by traditional brands will give them the opportunity to create immersive experiences reflecting their DNA and give their community (or a privileged handpicked target) a slightly more tangible part of the dream they carry in their heritage. The idea is quite simple: materialize their unique universe and make it more accessible as it will be digitalized, which will sky-rocket the brand equity.

The democratization of NFTs will only accelerate this trend. A gap opens for the creators of the 1st hour, who until now produced only for a niche of consumers from the gaming industry.

Required skills: Styling-Modeling, Textile design, Illustration & Graphics, Animation and 3D modeling, History of art and fashion, gaming and entertainment.

2. Metahuman Doctor

Metahumans, generated by MetaHuman Creator, the online early version tool created by @ Epic Games

Indeed, our digital doubles, by their digital nature, will be perfect replicas of ourselves. And even more-

All of our biometric and physiological data will be digitized and contained in our metahuman avatars, especially those related to our health conditions. Thanks to inserted nanotech sensors, these data will be updated in real-time. This will allow meta doctors to simulate the evolution of pathology, establish the diagnosis, and run tests of the treatments. Knowing that like any digital entity, our avatars might be subject to viral attacks affecting the integrity of their data, thereby creating digital pathologies affecting one or more of their properties (ultimately ours, since they are our perfect digital replicas). To overcome this scenario, Metadoctors will have to combine disciplines at the crossroads of medicine and "hard" digital sciences.

Required skills: General and specialized medicine, (Bio)Virology, Data analysis, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptology, and Cybersecurity.

3. Metaverse Tour Guide

A space tourism vessel imagined in collaboration between the company @ Space Perspective and the design studio @ PriestmanGoode

Visit the Milky Way as if you were there, the Marvelous Land of Alice in Wonderland, Batman's Gotham City, the Great Pyramid of Ghyzée in the time of Pharaoh Khufu.

Simply that as the Metaverse will have an infinity of immersive worlds, it will pave the way for a new form of tourism. You will then be able to navigate from universe to universe to experience all the possibilities of the Metaverse. What could be better than a guide to accompany you in this discovery, according to your desires and centers of interest?

Required skills/Constraints/Actions: General culture, Art history, Pop culture, Gaming, History & Geography, Immersive navigation, Sense of contact, Interpersonal relations, Conduct of group visits.

4. Construct Architect

An example of a construct defying the laws of reality

In the universe of the Metaverse, a construct is an element developed from scratch, which can be a place, an experience, an object, with which one or more users can interact simultaneously or separately, in a dynamic way. The construct can react to the constraints/actions that are applied to it, those of its environment, on a predefined or random sequence set up by its architect. A construct can also be an inert element or object.

In its fundamental definition, the Metaverse is in itself a composition of a multitude of different constructs, which gives it infinite properties by assembling all its parts, thus constituting a single entity that would then be limitless.

Required skills: Spatial computing, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Applied physics, Graphic design, 3D modeling, Photogrammetry, Architecture, Anthropology, Cognitive sciences.

5. Artifact Chaser

"The Orb of Osuvox", an artifact used by the protagonists in the movie Ready Player One.

In the gaming world, players are familiar with the term “artifact”. It designates a magical object which possesses and/or gives its owner particular, rare, and unprecedented powers. For example, it can be a mechanism that can freeze/accelerate/slow down the time, it can be kind of an invisibility cloak, or any other object allowing to modify an element or a component of the Metaverse itself.

The artifact can be presented in any form, as determined by whoever has the ability to create one, the original designer of the "construct".

Like in the gaming world, you can usually get an artifact by completing a very difficult quest or by solving a complex riddle. There is a global market around these items, the price of which is matched only by the rarity of the item, the difficulty to obtain it, or the value of the properties/powers that it confers to its holder.

The artifact can also be a defect, an unexpected and random breach in the source code of the Metaverse, opening up possibilities for unprecedented interactions on the construct by the one who discovers it.

Required skills: Gaming, Mastery of the functioning of a Guild, Research strategy, Virtual combat/E-sport, General culture and Pop culture, Patience, Intrepidity, Team spirit, ability to haggle, and to be lucky.

6. Smart Contract Lawyer

Encoded on blockchain technology, a Smart Contract is a contract involving several parties and which is activated automatically according to predefined clauses and criteria.

There will be no point in running to your regular attorney when you are about to close a deal in the Metaverse. On the other hand, you will have to consult a Smart Contract Lawyer. This professional will ensure that the terms of your agreement are perfectly encoded in the blockchain layer used for the transaction. Speaking of digital asset transactions for example this could be a transfer of ownership for a certain amount of cryptocurrency (or fiat), as it could be a transaction involving royalties on an asset/event or any other generating income activity which you can claim to be entitled.

You got it. All transactions will be coded and will not require any human interaction as long as the required conditions are met to trigger and close the deal.

More than virtual reality and augmented reality, algorithms will dominate the Metaverse. Mixing the application of common law, business law, and pure mathematical logic transcribed in algorithms on the blockchain in order to meet the requirements of the agreements of your negotiations, the Smart Contract Lawyer will be the one who will ensure that your interests are "Technically" preserved according to the term of the contracts binding you to other parties.

Required skills: Common and Business law, Negotiation, Applied mathematics, Coding, Blockchain networks, and protocols.

7. Data Bounty Hunter

If data is the black gold of the digital age, personal data is its most precious element.

Speaking of transactions and personal data, if there is one thing that needs to be clarified, it is that beyond the immersive side in the Metaverse, EVERYTHING IS DATA.

To ensure that you have access and ownership of all your data, you can call on a Data Bounty Hunter who will knock on the doors of all those who hold your data to ensure that they provide it to you. These will mainly be platforms from which you will subscribe to some services, or on which you will participate in activities, and which this latter collects data concerning you.

With the emergence of this new type of profession such as Data Bounty Hunter, it is the data-based digital economy business model as we know it today, operated by the biggest companies such as the GAFAM, which will have to be reviewed.

These profiles must not only be men and women of the law, specializing in issues related to the management of personal data but besides they must have strong digital skills specific to the Metaverse, particularly in terms of data mining.

Required skills: Common Law and Consumer Law, GDPR, Corporate and Public Services Relationship Management, Access to Law, Data mining, Coding.

8. Digital Asset Executor

It's important to get your business in order, especially your digital assets.

As everything is data in the Metaverse, the digital goods we will accumulate during our digital life (or the real one, hello #NFTs) will be in a data form. Whether it's a digital wardrobe, title deeds, non-fungible assets of all kinds, or any private data… A question arises: What happens to these after our death? What about our Metahuman avatar? What about our artifacts collected in the Metaverse or our favorite games items, some of which can be worth huge sums of money? What will become of them if we disappear? Will all of this disappear with us?

Definitely NO.

Our life on earth is temporary, but our digital life can be eternal. So we will have to make sure that our last will are carried out as they should. For this, we will call on a Digital Asset Executor who will ensure that our digital assets will be strictly applied. A kind of digital notary, specializing in the liquidation of digital goods. More than a profile of this type, it is the digital afterlife sector that needs to be built from scratch.

Required skills: Smart Contract, Common Law, Family and Inheritance Law, Notary, Asset Management.

9. Metaverse Event Director

The virtual funeral of the main character in the "Upload" series available on Amazon Prime.

As you can see, the Metaverse will be the digital counterpart of the real world, populated by our digital doubles, the Metahumans avatars. As for real social life, we will have to organize events there to celebrate the significant moments of our existence, freeing ourselves from physical constraints to invite our friends/acquaintances/relations from the real world as well as from the Metaverse.

It could be simply to celebrate the birth of our Metahuman alter-ego, the birth of our children in real life, an anniversary, a wedding, a funeral...

Just as there are Event Planners whose job is to organize the milestones of our lives, their digital counterparts will do the same in the Metaverse. To do so, they must have strong digital, artistic, relational, and social skills, allowing them to create remarkable immersive experiences, which can bring together several people, based on a list of handpicked guests.

Required skills: Interpersonal relationship, Psychology, Artistry, Organization, Culture, and Art of living, Immersive navigation, Empathy, Perfectionism, Versatility.

What is certain is that we are barely scratching the surface of the possibilities offered by the Metaverse.

It is still too early to say with certainty the opportunities that will open up and the new jobs that will result in the democratization of the Metaverse. We can expect to be surprised just as we are unable to imagine the opportunities at this time.

If the professions of 2030 have not yet been identified, as in the past when we anticipated the future and the impact of technologies on our societies, the professions that the Metaverse will generate today can almost be considered science fiction. The skills required may not exist yet but for sure the lines will be even more blurred. It will be necessary to demonstrate a new versatility by an unprecedented assembly of various skills to perform and deliver some of these activities. More than ever, in addition to having a wide range of hard skills, creativity will be the most important element to be successful.

So which of these professions of the future intrigued you the most or which one would suit you the best?

Feel free to discuss!

The Team:

Shriya Madan, an ardent learner, a digital enthusiast, aspires to make an impact in the real world with the power of technology

-Tech Researcher, BLVCK PiXEL

Pranjali Apurva, driven by curiosity, converging design principles with digital transformation

-Chief Innovation Officer, BLVCK PiXEL

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