South Korea, a new Metaverse Hub

A new Metaverse Hub unvieled by SK Telecom, Metaverse is coming!

Image Courtesy: SK Telecom

South Korea's ICT ministry said the country has launched an industry alliance to boost the development of "metaverse" technology and ecosystems.

The new alliance is composed of 17 companies, including major wireless carrier SK Telecom Co, as well as auto giant Hyundai Motor Co., and eight industry groups, such as the Korea Mobile Internet Business Association, according to the Ministry of Science and ICT.

The companies and industry groups are working together to share metaverse trends & technology and form a consultative group for cultural issues related to the metaverse market and undertaking joint metaverse projects.

The technology remains in the early stages of development in South Korea, with SK Telecom currently operating its app, which allows users to interact with others in a virtual space.

SK Telecom also collaborated with STAYC's through SKT's Jump AR app, followed by a music video filmed in the metaverse space.

Image Courtesy: Jump AR

"We will provide opportunities for domestic and foreign K-pop fans to enjoy more realistic and special content in their daily lives and take the lead in spreading global K-pop fever and popularizing MR content."

- Jeon Jin-soo, Metaverse Division Head, SKT

South Korean mobile carrier SK Telecom also unveiled its new Metaverse platform Ifland on 14th July 2021, kick-starting its 5G virtual service business.

As the name signifies, “IF-LAND” is a virtual world where users can be anyone they wish, meet anyone they want to and make so many possibilities real. With a goal of growing Ifland into a leading metaverse platform by drawing millennials and Generation Z users, SKT has designed the platform with an intuitive user interface, the company said.

Ifland offers around 800 kinds of avatar sources, 18 different types of virtual spaces (conference halls, outdoor stages, and rooftops), 66 different emotional expressions, enabling users to create a representation of themselves in a variety of ways.

SKT plans to grow Ifland into the representative Metaverse platform by enhancing user convenience based on its advanced technologies and know-how accumulated through the operation of Metaverse services like ‘Social VR’ and ‘Virtual Meet-up.’ After selecting a virtual space, users can also make advanced settings by choosing from multiple concepts for decoration, such as weather, time, flooring materials, and wallpapers. SKT plans to attract large-size conferences, forums, and events on Ifland. To better support meetings, presentations, and conferences taking place in the metaverse, SKT has enabled users to easily share PDF documents and MP4 video files with others within Ifland.

“Armed with powerful contents and social features that meet the needs and interests of the MZ Generation, Ifland is set to fully support users’ metaverse life”

- Jeon Jin-soo


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